ABOUT | Beauty By Dee Blackett 

I'm Deirdre Blackett. I am the owner of and lead makeup artist at Beauty by Dee Blackett. How did this fantastic makeup journey of mine start? From the time I can remember I have been enthralled with lipstick, eyeliner and glitter. Sometime after I left University with a bachelor's degree in English Literature it dawned on me that I could really give makeup artistry a go. I suppose that's the short story of how Beauty by Dee Blackett was born. This company is 7 years old. I have been doing makeup for 9 years. Every time I pick up a brush I still have that rush of passion and excitement. I love creating beautiful makeup looks and connecting with my clients.

The goal at the very core of Beauty by Dee Blackett is to make every single 'Beauty' (client) look and more importantly feel; like the most beautiful version of themselves. While educating our Beauties on the best products and how to use them through our beauty blogging. We provide makeup services for bridal, editorial, commercials and all your special events. Be assured of personalized professional service on every occasion. Our goal is to help each client bring their vision to life. 

Also inquire about our one on one makeup workshops where we teach you to apply makeup on yourself flawlessly.